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Our short story 

100x100historia vipro


Vipro Printing House establishment

2001 r.
100x100historia vipro


First salesperson employed

2002 r.
100x100historia vipro


Moving to the current headquarters and purchase of B1 format machine.

2008 r.
100x100historia vipro


First package produced by Vipro - someone made a mistake, is was supposed to be a calendar :)

2010 r.

vipro dotacja 1 vipro dotacja 2


Short description of the project:
The project focus is the purchase of an innovative and energy-efficient offset machine. The project will involve the purchase of one fixed asset, which will make it possible to achieve the assumed objectives and results. The project has been implemented since 01.10.2016 and will have been completed till 30.09.2017.

Project objectives:
MAIN OBJECTIVE: reduction of electricity consumption and production waste (waste paper) in the company, which will allow for the introduction of new products and entry into new markets.
- increasing energy efficiency in the company;
- reduction of production waste (amount of waste paper);
- reuse of heat generated by the machine heating the production hall through the recuperation process;
- introduction of a new product;
- entering new markets;
- implementation of the next process innovation;
- creation of new jobs;
- increasing the efficiency of the production process;
- reduction of production process costs.

A. Number of implemented eco-innovation solutions - 1
B. Private investment complementary to public support to businesses (grants) - PLN 2,200 200.00
C. Creation of 2 new jobs – stable jobs where employees will work in good conditions and get acquainted with new technological developments;
D. Implementation of a new product to the offer of the company – large size packaging as well as entry into foreign markets - in the first place EU markets, which will contribute to the implementation of the indicator set out in the detailed description of the priority axes:
- Number of companies supported in the introduction of new products - 1
E. Environmental aspects:
- use of recuperation for hall heating / reduction of heat energy (600m2 from 850m2 of the production hall);
- reduction of paper waste (production waste) from the current 13 125kg / month to 2 625 kg / month;
- reduction of electricity consumption by about 68%
F. Reduction of operating costs by approximately PLN 41,755.60 monthly;
G. Revenue increase by approximately PLN 350,000.00 - 440,000.00 / year.  

Value of the project: PLN 3 690 000.00
EU project financing: PLN 799 800.00