Our offer


Is there among over 300 types of prints that we prepare also yours? 

Vipro printing house provides a wide range of printing services
- from printing to bookbinding. 

The following products are only part of our offer, where you will find calendars (desk, single, triple ones etc.), files, posters, business cards, folders, catalogs, leaflets and other advertising materials. Do you have an unconventional idea? Do you want your print or product to have an unusual shape, extra pockets, tabs ...? As far as it is technically possible, all these elements can be designed and manufactured for you.

  • Niskonakładowy druk cyfrowyOpen or Close

    Mniejsze nakłady, dobra jakość, do określonych formatów - dysponujemy 3 maszynami, które drukują w formatach B2, B1.

  • Offset printOpen or Close

    High quality, good representation of the design, bigger volumes - we have 4 machines at our disposal.

  • Low volume digital printOpen or Close

    Lower volumes, good quality, intended for specific formats - we have 3 machines that print in B2, B1 formats.

  • Large format printOpen or Close

    We offer large format prints that cannot be made in offset printing, for example roll-ups, premium roll-ups, XL posters, banners, adhesive films.

  • Hot stampingOpen or Close

    Makes packaging more shiny; gold or silver in some places of logos or inscriptions are usually performed with the technique of hot and die stamping.

  • Manual bookbinderyOpen or Close

    If it is necessary to attach a bow to an invitation, fold a book or assemble a calendar, we offer a full range of bookbinding services.

We print day and night
and accept orders from 8 am to 4 pm.

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